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128MB 168-pin EDO 60ns Buffered ECC DIMM

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128MB 168-pin EDO 60ns Buffered ECC DIMM *KMM372F1600BK-60, MT18LD1672G-6X, MC-4216FC72FB-60, GMM316380CTG-6, KMM372F1600AS-6, KMM372F1600BS-6, SM572164094E4G6, SM572164094E6G6, Samsung KMM372F1600AK-6, Samsung KMM372F1600AS-6, Hitachi HB56UW1673E-6A, NEC MC-4216LFC72FB-A60, Samsung KMM372F1600AK-6U, Samsung KMM372F1600AS-6U, Mitsubishi MH16V7245ATJ-6, Micron MT18LD1672G-6X, Samsung KMM372F1600BK-6, Hitachi HB56UW1673E-6, NEC MC-4216LFC72FH-A60, Avant TSE7216E15AG6C0, Samsung KMM372F1600BK-5, Micron MT18LD1672G-5X, Elpida HB56UW1673E-6, Elpida HB56UW1673E-6A, Elpida MC-4216LFC72FB-A60, Elpida MC-4216LFC72FH-A60 *This module may be manufactured by Micron, Samsung, Compaq, Smart, Goldstar, Kingston or Memory Dealers depending on availability. This module is in stock and can ship today. We guaranty this module will work in your system. *128MB 168-pin 60ns EDO Buffered ECC DIMM.

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